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Harry/Ginny LDWS

Harry/Ginny: Last Drabble Writer Standing
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A Last Drabble Writer Standing Community focused on Harry/Ginny.
♥ Welcome ♥

Welcome to hpgw_ldws, a Last Drabble Writer Standing community centered around Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. This community was inspired by the great times I had participating in dramione_ldws and fwhg_ldws. The ldws concept was created by ldws.

This community is run by greenschist. Banners are made by danfan74.

♥ FAQs ♥

♦ What is a ldws, anyway? ♦
Ldws stands for Last Drabble Writer Standing. Participants sign up for a round and write a drabble (100-500 words) every week based upon a given prompt. The weekly drabbles are posted anonymously, and readers vote for their most and least favorite. After the close of voting, the writer of the least favorite drabble is eliminated from the competition. This continues until only three writers remain, and those writers go head to head in the final challenge, the winner of which is the Last Drabble Writer Standing.

♦ What does the winner win? ♦
Banners are awarded for participation, winning Most Favorite in the weekly challenges, winning Mod's Choice in the weekly challenges, and for the winner of the grand finale.

♦ How does voting work? ♦
A vote for Most Favorite is worth +1 point, and a vote for Least Favorite is worth -1 point. The writer with the highest combined total is the winner for the week, and the writer with the lowest combined score is eliminated.

♦ What if there's a tie? ♦
If there is a tie for Most Favorite, the drabble with the most Most Favorite votes is the winner. If there is a tie for Least Favorite, the drabble with the most Least Favorite votes is eliminated. In the bangmyheadagainstthedesk event that the number of votes is equal, there will be a tie-breaker unitl a winner is determined.

♦ What's Mod's Choice? ♦
Mod's Choice is an award based solely upon the mod's preferences. Mod's Choice can be awarded to any drabble submitted that week, including the drabble voted "Least Favorite" by popular vote.

♦ Who can participate? ♦
hpgw_ldws has open membership, and everyone is welcome. If you aren't a writer, you can still participate by voting, pimping, submitting prompts, and so on.

♦ Sounds great! When do sign ups for Round 1 start? ♦
Round 1 will begin in January with the first challenge issued on January 16th, 2010. Sign-ups will open on January 1 and will last until all slots are filled or the 16th, whichever comes first. The best way to catch the sign up post when it goes up is to join/watch the community.

♥ Rules ♥

1. You must be a member of the community to sign up for a round and participate in the challenges.

2. Round 1 will be limited to ten participants, the first ten members who reply to the sign-up post.

3. Challenges will be posted on Saturday, and drabbles are due the following Wednesday by midnight Eastern Standard Time. Voting begins on Thursday and concludes Friday at midnight EST. Results will be posted on Saturday morning. (If you are unsure how EST relates to your local time, check out the World Clock.)

4. Drabbles must be between 100-500 words, depending upon requirements of the challenge. Acceptable ratings range from G through R. Due to the open nature of the community's membership, please do not write drabbles containing explicit violence or explicit sexual situations.

5. Each participant has one skip that can be used for any reason and for any challenge until we are down to 4 participants. The one exception is the first challenge. It's more fun when everyone jumps right in, so no skipping until challenge 2.

6. Drabbles MUST remain anonymous--the fairness of the competition depends upon it. Therefore:
  • Please do not post your drabble (or alternate versions) anywhere else until the challenge has been concluded and the results posted.
  • Please write all drabbles as standalones; do not write drabbles that are continuations of previous submissions.
  • Feel free to use a beta, but please restrict yourself to one person. Your beta must preserve your anonymity as well.
  • Please do not include any identifying information--such as your beta's name or a shout out to your bff or dog--in an Author's Note. Non-identifying info such as "Set during POA" or "EWE" is perfectly fine.
  • Feel free to pimp hpgw_ldws and encourage voting--just do it in a general way.

7. I reserve the right to disqualify any participant found ignoring the need for anonymity or otherwise manipulating votes.

8. You do not need to be a member of the community to vote in the challenges, but you do need to be a member of livejournal. Anonymous votes will not be counted.

9. Please include "green as a fresh pickled toad" in your sign-up reply to show you've read the rules.

♥ Credit ♥

♦ Journal layout "5tarlite" by fruitstyle
♦ Community concepts and rules heavily influenced by dramione_ldws, fwhg_ldws, and pphp_ldws.

♥ Affiliates ♥

chest_monsters, dl_ldws, dramione_ldws, hpgw100, hpgw_drabbles, takingitinturns